Small labels lure big bucks in fashion’s latest trend

PARIS (Reuters) – Christophe Lemaire has spent the past three years designing dresses for Hermes. Now he wants to develop his own brand and ride a wave of investor interest in new labels which have the potential to become global brands.

He’s not alone.

Whether it is private financing or takeovers by major luxury groups like LVMH, the latest trend in fashion is to find a promising niche label that has no history but plenty of imagination.

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Choose fashion trends that boost your body confidence

Twice a year, New York Fashion Week turns media attention to runways, bright lights, style heavy-hitters and of course, to-die-for collections.

And twice a year, the underlying story of these events is how those models manage to stay so thin, and whether their size is a reasonable idea of beauty.

My philosophy around taking care of my own body is pretty simple: I believe in eating more vegetables than French fries overall, drinking lots of water and sweating for at least 30 minutes a day, whether it’s from running or scrubbing the bathroom floor. I do not believe in consuming hard drugs or munching on cotton balls to curb hunger, two tactics of many that were described to fashion reporters this week.

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Fashion Trends Fly in Los Angeles

Fashion design school students should always have their fingers on the pulse of local fashion. For aspiring designers in Los Angeles, CA, there’s a lot to keep up with.

Keeping up with local, national, and international trends is essential in the fashion design world, particularly in a market like Los Angeles, the west coast’s fashion hub. As if in defiance of New York’s chic offerings, designers often flock to Los Angeles to create haute couture for celebrities, along with a variety of red-carpet designs for fashionistas around the world.

A Critic Takes to the Web
In Los Angeles, aspiring and established designers work for the attention of Booth Moore, fashion critic for the Los Angeles Times and voice of the West Coast fashion world. “The first couple of days at the Paris fashion shows are always a thrill,” she writes in her blog, “The world is my runway…It’s like we’ve slogged through an entire basketball season, and it’s finally tournament time.”

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Dealing With Your Teenager and Inappropriate Fashion Trends

If you’re the parent of a teenager, then you know how teens like to keep up with the latest fashion trends. This is understandable, as teens are trying to establish their own identity, outside of identifying with their parents. However, there is the likelihood that some of these fashions may seem inappropriate, even to the most lenient of parents, and especially to those who are more conservative in nature. You don’t really want your daughter in short shorts, or low cut tops, and you probably don’t want your son looking like a thug or hoodlum. Where do you draw the line between your teen dressing in trendy fashions and dressing inappropriately? Perhaps, more importantly, how do you draw the line?

When it comes to dealing with your teenager and the fashion trends you don’t find acceptable, your first reaction may be to lay down the law, and rule with an iron fist. You are the parent, after all, and in your home, your rules must be followed. That’s a fair agreement, isn’t it? However, this sort of philosophy may do more harm than good. Just think back to when you were a teenager. Most likely, you would respond unfavorably to being told how to dress by your parents. That may have worked well as a child, but teenagers want to establish their own independence and identity. The best option is to take a different approach than the authoritarian one.

One of the many cases where you most certainly should speak with your teen about their fashion choices is where those choices could end up causing harm. Many of the teen fashion trends involve wearing clothes that are quite revealing. This can send a dangerous message that your teen is marketing himself or herself sexually. Your teenager probably won’t see it this way, but those who see your child very well may get that message, whether it was intended or not.

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High Street Fashion

We seem to hear more and more about High Street Fashion but nobody looks interested in explaining what it means. Fashion magazines, fashion blogs all seem to have a separate column or category dedicated to this phenomenon but all we see are pictures, pictures and more pictures!? So what is it?

After some research that involved looking through many magazines and seeing tons of pictures (like the one I was talking about above) I feel that I might have an idea about what high street fashion is. You surely have seen men and women, young girls and boys passing you on the street that seem to have a very strong personal style. They either combine the latest of the fashion designs or simply wear outfits that they, themselves create.

Nonetheless, the outcome of their fashion choices is something unique and defiantly worthy of at least a bit of our admiration. All the pictures that we see in fashion blogs are actually pictures of these types of persons that have a way of impressing us through their fashion choices.

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